ALESA ... us de Schwiiz – from Switzerland - reminds us of our origins.But it is intended above all to remind you as a customer that we at Alesa continue to manufacture our tools on our own premises here in Switzerland, that we maintain Swiss virtues and that through our staff we are firmly anchored in the region around Lake Hallwil.Seengen by Lake HallwilWhat values do we stand for, and what is important to us? How do we communicate these values?There are 11 values that we at Alesa uphold and seek to lay as the foundation for all our business activities. They includehonestyfairnessrespectreliabilitytrustqualityshared successauthenticityWe cannot possibly express these all in a single word or sentence. Nevertheless, we believe that the claim – expressed in true authentic Schwiizerdüütsch – reflects our identity and what drives us forward.